If you've ever wondered what war devastation looked like, leaving a place completely shattered, then this is the tour for you. It’s difficult to fathom that only 7 km from Dubrovnik lies a place where seems the war never ended. More so, this was once a fancy resort complex that hosted some of the world’s most renowned dignitaries and celebrities; today its ruins are a filming location that welcomes Oscar-winning actors.

Welcome to Kupari, a unique place on the Dubrovnik Riviera. During this guided tour, we’ll talk about the importance of Kupari in the heyday of the Dubrovnik Republic, the development of elite tourism in the period between the two World Wars, the military resort that was housed here in the times of socialist Yugoslavia, and the Homeland War when Kupari experienced utter devastation. Rest assured that the memories and photographs you make on this tour will leave a lasting impression.



April 1 - October 31, 2023. Tuesdays and Fridays

Meeting point and start time

Hotel Sheraton (Google Map), at 10 AM


1.5 - 2 hrs

How to book

Reservations accepted via:

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Price list

  • 20€ per person.
  • Children up to 12 years old - free of charge.
  • Receive a 20% discount on your second or third guided tour from the 3 Keys program.
  • Group 5 - 8 pax: 80€.
  • Group 9 - 15 pax: 100€.
  • Group 16 - 55 pax: 150€.
  • Private tour 8 pax: max 100€.
  • Private tour 9 - 20 pax: 150€.
  • Private tour 21+ pax: 200€.

Please note

  • Tours are in English.
  • Your place on this tour is only guaranteed when you book via the website/message or buy tickets at one of the sales points.
  • Tours will take place regardless of light rain or windy weather. In case of extremely bad weather, the tour can be rearranged for another time.
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