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Vedran Mezei was born in 1976 in Dubrovnik. From an early age, he showed an interest in writing, with his works published in school magazines. Mezei graduated from the Faculty of Tourism and Foreign Trade at Dubrovnik University.

His first book I am Here! was published in English in 2017 through the Amazon platform, while the Croatian language edition was published by Ibis grafika in spring 2018. The book very quickly achieved notable success with readers and critics in Croatia, and less than two months after its publication, a second edition was printed. It is interesting to note that Mezei promoted this book in Zagreb and Dubrovnik prisons.

His second book, The Third Key, was published in the autumn of 2020, also by Ibis grafika, and in 2021, the novel was published in English. In contrast to I am Here! a collection of seven different stories whose plot takes readers on journeys around the world, in the novel The Third Key, Vedran invites us on interesting historical journey through his hometown. The Engish language version of his book was one of the bestselling titles in Dubrovnik bookshops in 2022.

Since 2021, Vedran Mezei is the initiator of the Walk Through Mlini’s History program in cooperation with the Tourist Board of Župa Dubrovačka, and in which the places, events, and historical figures mentioned in the book The Third Key are presented to travelers through a tour of historical sites. Since 2023, he is the creator and guide of several walking tours in the wider Dubrovnik area. Vedran Mezei lives in Mlini, Župa Dubrovčka, and in addition to writing is also a musician.

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